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CCTV - We offer a Full range of CCTV for Home and Business
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security CameraPan-Tilt-Zoom Security CameraWe sell and Professionally install Indoor, Outdoor, Pan-tilt-zoom, Thermal imaging, day/night, wide-dynamic range, Wireless, Nanny Cams / Covert Cameras, IP Cameras.

We have DVR's with up to 16 channels and with 2.0TB of storage. We can set up your system so you can view it from your Blackberry device.

Our CCTV solutions can be network, hybrid or digital.

Our professionally monitoring station can monitor your CCTV remotely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you don't have to. *

We will customize your CCTV system to meet your needs and budget.

*An additional monitoring fee is required for 24/7 video monitoring

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Digital Video RecorderThe DVR is the heart of the CCTV security system. The correct DVR can turn a camera into a integral part of an alarm system. The camera system can be used for detection and/or verification of an alarm event. A DVR can be used to identify suspects for prosecution.

A DVR can also provide control for Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras. The DVR can be accessed on-site, from a remote site via the internet or from a web-enabled phone e.g. Blackberry, iPhone, etc.

Indoor Security Cameras

Traditional Interior Box Security CameraIndoor Dome Security Camera

We have a large selection of indoor security cameras including the Speco VL648IR a color day/night security camera with has special shielding to eliminate IR reflections. The VL848IR security camera is used for indoor ceiling applications to cover the full spectrum of bright light to no light surveillance. This dome camera can be wall or ceiling mounted by using the matching bracket that is included in the box. Many customers still use a traditional camera, as seen to the right, for indoor applications when constant lighting is available and to serve as a deterrent.


Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security CameraOutdoor security cameras come in a variety of styles and technologies. Day/Night cameras can change automatically from Color to Black-and-White for low-light night-time conditions.

There are Wide-Dynamic-Range cameras which increase the picture clarity and contrast in difficult lighting conditions or bright sunny areas.

There is the Intensifier tm technology which amplifies low-light levels and allows these cameras to maintain a much brighter and sharper color image in low-light conditions while conserving DVR space.

Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand the elements. The cameras are equipped with heaters and fans to protect from heat/cold and are weather tight.


Pan - Tilt - Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

Outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security CameraPan-Tilt-Zoom security cameras can be controlled remotely and can be used in place of multiple fixed cameras.

They can be set to run a pre-programmed tour of an area as well as having multiple preset views. As one example, a preset point can be used in conjunction with a motion detector to automatically move to view an area or an object in motion.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

PTZ Keyboard


Thermal Imaging Security Cameras

These security cameras can be used to view vast outdoors areas. They are effective up to 12-15 kilometers (9.3 miles) and can see in total darkness, through fog, rain, or snow.

Thermal Imaging Security CameraThermal Imaging

They were formerly used only by military and homeland security. Recent technological and production improvements have reduced the price to make these an affordable option.




Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless CameraWireless security cameras are a perfect solution for residential, temporary or hard-to-wire applications. Distances range from 50 feet to 10 miles with optional equipment.





Nanny Cams / Covert Security Cameras

Covert CameraWe have a complete line of high tech, state-of-the-art Nanny Cam's and covert cameras.
For security reasons we have limited information on the website. Please contact us for more information.

One example of a Covert Camera.



IP Security Cameras

Axis Q1755 IP CameraIP security cameras offer super high resolution up to high definition resolution.

IP Cameras when used in conjunction with an HDTV monitor are the perfect solution for securing areas where greater image detail is required.

The video below of an AXIS Communications Q1755 IP camera proves a video is worth a thousand words.